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Keishidojo is celebrating having been in Sumter SC for 10 years and counting!!!
Welcome to the Keishidojo Martial Arts & Fitness Center website. 

Keishidojo is the #1 place in Sumter SC to change you or your child's life.
We offer self-defense training, sport jiu-jitsu, brazilian jiu-jitsu, MMA, sport karate, traditional karate as well as traditional martial arts and fitness programs for ages five and up, our programs change lives. We also offer a morning and our instructors are certified to teach aikido, kali, muay thai, tae kwon do, BACK OFF women's self-defense, and much more. (To see some of the great things people just like you have said about us click on this testimonials link.)

With Martial Arts training the benefits include: increased strength, better flexibility, improved endurance & confidence, longer focus, team work and self-discipline.

Come check us out today and see what sets us above the rest!

About Us

Global BJJ Federation CertificateKeishidojo is a division of the Martial Arts Unlimited Association (M.A.U.A.), organized in 2002. The MAUA is comprised of schools at four separate locations across the United States, and offers a variety of classes that meet the needs of both recreational and dedicated martial artists. Keishidojo is a privately owned by Shidoshi J.D. Olsen and is dedicated to physical conditioning and self-defense training as well the personal growth of its members.

To make our already great training programs even better, we have affiliated with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professor Helio Soneca and Martial arts Research Systems Sifu Ron Balicki. Instructor of martial arts such as Kali, Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Jeet June Do, Escrima, Wing Chun, and Shooto.  We are also certified under the Martial Arts Unlimited Association, Progressive Martial Arts Association and the American Martial Arts Association.

In addition to the various martial arts styles offered, we also offer a variety of self-defense classes. Some of which are free of charge. Our classes are proven to build flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination without adding any muscle bulk. In addition, they will increases circulation and help to sculpt the body and strengthen the body's "core". People who do some form of regular physical activity feel they have better posture, are less prone to injury, and experience better overall health.

Keishidojo offers an assortment of martial arts classes that cannot be found anywhere else in the Sumter area. Regardless of the particular style, students at Keishidojo have access to everything needed for training success: a professional staff, a safe clean environment, best in class instruction, and state of the art equipment. Additionally, we ensure that our members are well versed in the history and traditions of the various martial arts styles.

Currently we offer regular clases in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, Sport Karate, and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts.) 

Call or stop by today to schedule your Starter Course. 


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